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What is R.J. Graham Consulting?

"Many companies are just a small step away from realizing their goals because of little things. Little things such as  inadequate employee training and poor employee relations skills can translate into big problems."

"Everyone is working hard at your company but profits still lag revenue. Maybe the problem is not what you are doing but how you are doing it."

R J Graham Consulting was founded in 1993 and is a brokerage firm for over 25 professional trainers. Each trainer is hand picked and a top professional in their field. Based on the clients needs and specifications, the trainers are matched to the project and their credentials are presented for review. We pride ourselves in having the right trainer available to meet your training and budget needs.

On Site Analysis

R J Graham Consulting can help. We’ll observe your operation and by concentrating on four key areas: Physical Layout, Personnel and Policies, Processes and Training, offer solutions. We look at management styles, forms and paper flow, customer relations, and employee skill levels. We do this by talking to your management team and front line staff- follow them throughout their day. Then we provide you with a comprehensive report including suggestions on how you can streamline operations to maximize cash flow and profit.

About the Owner

Ms. Graham’s personal expertise lies in the Telesales and Communications areas as well as Customer Service & Networking. Every program is customized to meet the client’s needs and can incorporate everything from the basics (such as listening skills and voice control) to telemarketing and sales skills. Ms. Graham is a corporate instructor for Penn State University-Great Valley Campus. She also instructs several classes through The Adult Night School of Chester County: Customer Service 2000, The Art of Networking, Building Your Business with Telemarketing, Handling Difficult People, Business Etiquette and Effective Listening.

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