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tailors its services to meet your business needs. In fact, our flexibility in scheduling is unparalleled in the industry. Our professional telemarketers work from our location, full or part-time, on temporary or permanent assignments. You decide when your associate works.   Regardless of the project, you receive detailed reports on all activity including hours worked, number of calls made, and responses obtained.  Our areas of expertise are:

Appointment Setting

Customer Service & Retention

Market/Customer Service Surveys

Customer Service Training

Database Clean-up

Fund Raising

Improved Direct Mail Response

Lead Generation & Qualification

Network Follow-up

Mystery Shopping

TeleSales Training

Trade Show Follow-up

Phones Phones

Customer Service Consulting

In today’s market, how you service your customers after the sale is as important as the quality of the product or service you provide.  Customer service is more than providing a quality product on time. It includes everything from the way your staff answer the telephones, to the policies and procedures you establish to govern how various situations should be handled.

TELETEMPS will evaluate your customer service personnel and procedures by placing one of our professional associates in your office. This person can be known to your staff as a TELETEMPS associate or, if you prefer, as one of your new employees with no connection to an outside source. Then offer a detailed analysis of your operation and solutions to keep you on track.  We also provide a mystery shopping service to determine how your employees handle customers over the telephone. TELETEMPS will evaluate how employees treat those they call and receive calls from, whether enough calls are being made, the amount of time spent on calls, and what happens to the leads sent to other departments.  After we make our recommendations we will, upon request, provide training to help bring your customer services staff up to industry standards.

Phones Phones

We’ll Help You Hire A Telemarketing Staff

Sometimes it is more cost effective to hire and manage your own in-house staff of telesales representatives. TELETEMPS will help make sure your staff is as good as we are. We will interview prospective employees; work with your human resources professional to design salary structures, incentives and to help make appropriate hires. We’ll also train your new staff members, if needed, and develop a departmental structure for you if necessary.

We’ll Enhance Your Networking Efforts

Networking is a fabulous way to build new customers contacts but only if you do it correctly. After you meet new people, TELETEMPS will take their business cards, help you develop a follow-up letter, mail it with promotional materials, and then follow up with phone calls to determine their level of interest. This is especially helpful after a trade show or convention.

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